drill1 [drıl] n
a tool or machine used for making holes in something
an electric drill
a whine like a dentist's drill
a method of teaching students, sports players etc something by making them repeat the same lesson, exercise etc many times
a pronunciation drill
3.) fire/emergency drill
an occasion when people practise what they should do in a dangerous situation such as a fire
4.) [U]
military training in which soldiers practise marching, using weapons etc
rifle drill
5.) the drill
BrE old-fashioned the usual way that something is done
'You know the drill?' 'Not really. Tell me again what to do.'
6.) [U]
a type of strong cotton cloth
a) a machine for planting seeds in rows
b) a row of seeds planted by a machine
drill 2
drill2 v
[Date: 1500-1600; : Dutch; Origin: drillen]
1.) [I and T]
to make a hole in something using a drill
Drill a hole in each corner.
drill into/through
He accidentally drilled into a water pipe.
drill for oil/water/gas etc
BP has been licensed to drill for oil in the area.
2.) [T]
to teach students, sports players etc by making them repeat the same lesson, exercise etc many times
drill sb in sth
She was drilling the class in the forms of the past tense.
drill sb to do sth
I acted instinctively because I had been trained and drilled to do just that.
The team were well-drilled and organized.
3.) [T]
to train soldiers to march or perform other military actions
The sergeant was drilling the new recruits.
4.) [T]
to plant seeds in rows using a machine
drill into [drill sth into sb] phr v
to keep telling someone something until they know it very well
Mother had drilled it into me not to talk to strangers.

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